Meditation beginners: 3 easy meditation practices to enhance your life right away.

Meditation beginners: 3 easy meditation practices to enhance your life right away.

As a meditation beginner, some of the most usual questions revolving around your mind may be:

What meditation can do for you, for your life, or your brain?

As an advanced meditator and healer, I used to wonder the same thing. Hence, I came across two interesting articles highlighting the benefits of regular meditation.

The first article is titled

“Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress”,

by the world-class-recognized Mayo Clinic, published on the Mayo Clinic website. It says meditation can bring inner peace and calm to your life, removing daily worries and anxiety, even for a meditation beginner.

Since ancient times, people had practiced meditation to deepen states of consciousness and connect with the mystical forces of life. Nowadays, people also use it for relaxation and stress relief. Meditation, in particular, improves clinical disorders associated with stress, as it is a type of mind-body medicine.

It can lower your blood pressure and heart rate and improve sleep quality. Despite the fact that there are several styles of meditation, all of them share some components.

Some of the elements all meditation styles share are:

  • focused attention,
  • relaxed breathing,
  • a quiet setting, and
  • a comfortable position.

Above all, everything mentioned previously can be incorporated into the following daily practices for a meditation beginner:

  • Deep breathing,
  • scanning your body,
  • repeating a mantra,
  • taking a walk and meditating,
  • participating in prayer, and
  • focusing on your love and kindness.
Furggelen afterglow” by Lukas Schlagenhauf is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0. 

The second article is titled

New Studies Continuously Point to the Efficacy of Meditation“,

written by Dr. Joe Dispenza and published in Dr. Dispenza’s blog. It echoes the first article’s idea and then goes one step further by providing evidence from various scientific studies conducted by Mass General and Harvard Medical School’s neuroscientist Sara Lazar and others commanded by him.

They discovered that even novice meditators had increased gray matter in several areas of the brain, grew new neurons, and their amygdala shrank, implying that meditation can make you have a younger brain and even reduce stress, as the amygdala is the brain’s survival center associated with fear, anxiety, pain, and aggression.

The article emphasized that one of the primary benefits of meditation is that it allows people to unwind and engage with the present moment by challenging them to pay attention to their breath, energy within their bodies, and environmental sounds. As with any skill, the more you practice it, the better you get at it. Therefore, ten minutes of meditation is way better than no meditation at all.

Even the smallest meditation routine can help you grow your brain, so certainly you will have more capacity in your brain to:

  • create,
  • invent,
  • dream,
  • learn,
  • remember, and
  • improve your mind and awareness.

Based on these two articles and my experience as an advanced meditator, I’ve listed three actions I’d recommend to anyone who wants to start meditating and improve their health and life:

  • Start now – Don’t wait till you have the time or the perfect conditions to meditate. Any amount of time meditating is better than none.
  • Breathe – Pay attention to your inhalation and exhalation and allow yourself to relax into it.
  • Observe – Engage in the present moment and be the observer of your bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts, letting them pass by without clinging to them.

You must begin incorporating meditation practices today to disrupt your automatic behaviors and patterns and transform yourself into a healthier more conscious being.


My name is Arlene, and I am an observer.

At the moment, I’m passionately devoting my time and energy to deepening my understanding of life’s functioning and human consciousness, as well as strengthening my connection with Source.

Because of my professional background, my journey and studies into the human life experience have always been permeated and imprinted with engineering/management thinking, prompting me to constantly seek an understanding of the raw building blocks and components of the entire existence, and I am constantly on an expansive spiraling ongoing process of discovery and dot connections.

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